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Habibi Capcut Template Free Download Link (2024)

Before the launch of Capcut, videography was a tough task, as it required a lot of experience and expertise. But the launch of capcut, especially its pre-designed templates, has made video-creation process very easy. These templates has minimized the video-creation into one-two step process, without the use of any heavy software.

Among various trending capcut template, Habibi capcut template is the new one. It is going viral on all social media platforms since its release. In this article, I will explain about this template, its uses, and features. So, keep on reading.

Habibi capcut template

Habibi Capcut Template Direct Link

Habibi capcut template is the new trending template, which is basically based on Arabic concept. The word “Habibi” originates from Arabic language which means, “My love” or “Darling”. To increase the online visibility and audience engagement, many social media influencers and TikTokers are using this capcut template in their videos, to gain more likes and shares.

This template is designed in such a way that its users require minimum editing skills. A pop-up message appears on all of its features when you hover on them, which will guide you in video making from start to end.

Features of Habibi Capcut Template

NameHabibi Capcut Template
Video Size6568 KB
Space Usage294.7K
Video Duration00:12 sec
CapCut Template

How to use this template?

  • First of all, download and install the latest version of Capcut app on your mobile.
  • Explore different templates on the site and click on Habibi Capcut template link.
  • After selection of your desired template, click on “Use Template on Capcut”. After that your link will open on the Capcut app.
  • Now, start editing, insert images and videos you like. Customize trasnitions, filter, text, fonts. And colors in a very professional way, to make high-quality video effect.
  • Once, you have done editing, you can save your video in the app or export it for sharing.
  • For sharing your video on Instagram reels or on TikTok, click on the “Save and Share on TikTok”. Your video will be shared without watermark.

Features of Habibi Capcut Template

It is the best template with many essential features that are helpful for its users. Let’s explore some of them:


This Capcut template has user-friendly interface. All of its editing tools and features are easily accessible, which make it understandable and useable by all types of users.

Fonts, text

⦁ This template also allows different types of fonts, text, and color variations. Its users can easily customize all these texts and fonts as they want.


⦁ This template also has pre-designed transitions. All these transitions are smoothly and perfectly designed for you, to give your videos a perfect appealing look.


⦁ The best feature of this template is you can export it into your mobile’s memory with high-quality. You don’t require to compromise on your video-quality.


Yes, This template is flexible and comes with different editing options. You can edit this template in whatever way you want.

Of course! There are different versions of the template, every new one is the slightly updates version of the previous one.

No, This Capcut app is user-friendly and is designed for all the users, whether they are new or experienced in video-editing.

Final words

After reading the above article, I hope all of your confusions related to this template are cleared. I have described all the features and steps to use this template in an effective way. Capcut has made the video editing process so easy and comfortable, and on top of that Capcut templates are more easier to use and they have made video-making just a task of seconds.

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